The New Year is a time of fresh starts, of new traditions and habits. Try out something new, like incorporating traditions a la France. This New Year, TWG Tea is ushering in 2020 with a touch of France. Introducing TWG Tea’s rendition of the time-honored French King’s Cake, with a tea-infused twist. The Cake, also known as Galette De Rois, is a flaky puff pastry luxuriously filled with layers of frangipane, and sweet almond cream that is infused with TWG Tea’s signature Vanilla Bourbon Tea—a South African red tea blended with sweet vanilla beans. 

King's Cake and Tea

Pair this delectable tea-infused patisserie with the Breakfast King Tea, a majestic black tea blend exquisitely balanced by the addition of rare gingseng root, introducing hints of astringency and sweetness. This luxurious tea is presented in a hand-blown glass Charmer Teapot, each individually made to precise curves and scallops, to further make you feel like the King himself. Evoking the complicity of transparency and light, air and water, masculinity and feminity, these teapots are symbolic of the voyage of light and discovery that the Three Magis one made. 


Enjoy your cake, but don’t forget to look closely! After the King’s Cake is sliced and served, you are invited to check and see if their slice contains a token—a whole almond hidden in the crumb of the cake. In French customs, the finder of this lucky almond is crowned the “King” or “Queen” of the day and bestowed with a gold crown. And, exclusively in Singapore, if you’re the crowned King or Queen of the day, you will be presented with a whole King’s Cake as the royal gift from TWG Tea.

The King’s Cake and Breakfast King Tea makes the perfect sweet treat for an afternoon get together with friends and family.


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