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The Latest Elite 85t earbuds of Jabra allows users to monitor ambient noise blocking

Jabra launched the Elite 85t in Singapore, the newest addition to their true wireless earbuds. The Elite 85t is powered by real wireless earboxes Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) chip from Jabra's most recent and advanced that effectively mutes background sound. The dedicated ANC chip allows users to monitor their ANC experience at five different levels so that they can decide the optimal background noise they want to avoid. At the same time users can also monitor the background sound they want to hear by setting the HearThrough feature on 5 levels. Key features and specifications ·       Compact design...

Sudio has launched its Sudio Femtio a small but powerful speaker

Sudio Femtio is a small but solid speaker that...

Seagate’s latest addition to its popular line of external SSD storage, now available in...

Ultra Touch SSD is Seagate’s latest addition to its famous line of external SSD storage, which is readily available in Singapore. This SSD...

Experience Cinema on-the-go with Canon’s MP250 Wireless Mini Projector

Canon today launched its latest wireless mini projector, the MP250. The compact and powerful mini-projector can cast...

Welcome the Year of the Rat in Fitness and Good Health with Garmin Smartwatches

Usher in fitness and good health with Garmin smartwatches. From now til 9 February 2020, enjoy special deals on your favourite smartwatches...
Playstation 4 Pro Party Bundle

Gather your Mates and get Competitive with Three New Playstation 4 Party Bundles!

Long holidays and monsoon showers usher the end of the year, but why not head somewhere new for a change: The Riverside...

Santa Craziben is Having A CRAZI Massive 12-Day Christmas Giveaway! INSANE Prizes To Be...

‘Tis the season to gift and share, and there’s no better way for me to spread the Christmas cheer than to show...
Razer x Ragnarok

Gaming’s Most Powerful Duo Is Here: Razer x Gravity Collaboration

Rejoice, gamers! The most powerful duo in the gaming industry is here. The leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer, announced today...
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