Remember back in college when you’d share apartments with your friends? That wasn’t the most pleasant experience for everyone—sharing utilities, cleaning up after someone’s mess, just not the ideal living situation. So how come, in this day and age, co-living, the sharing of your personal space with complete strangers suddenly sprouting all over our island and becoming a trend?

It’s not just about sharing a flat together ala those college days. Co-living is an immersive social experience—It’s designed to not only give you cozy (not to mention aesthetically pleasing) homes at an affordable price, but also to promote interactions among residents and build an entire community through communal spaces and events. Sounds interesting? Check out these co-living spaces in Singapore that we think are top-of-the-game, at a price that won’t put a hole through your wallet! 


Hmlet is derived from the word hamlet, meaning little village—which is the kind of experience you would get coming into their co-living spaces. This popular co-living startup has got properties all over our little island, with a diverse community of mostly foreign residents from all over Asia, Europe, the US and Australia. Beyond filling out rooms, Hmlet also offers members-only events at its co-living facilities, such as private rooftop parties, to build a stronger community bond. 

Hmlet rooftop

One of their properties in Cantonment, is a renovated heritage site from the 1950s. If you’ve ever been to one of the Yoga Movement outlets in Singapore, you’d probably think it looks like as if the yoga studio opened up a boutique hotel. It’s décor would be described as an eclectic mix of modern with a vintage touch, to keep that heritage building feel—which resembles houses and flats in New York and San Francisco. Their rooms range from pocket rooms, to junior masters, to master bedrooms, with the price starting at SGD1000/month.

Cove Co-Living

A huge competitor of Hmlet is Cove Co-Living, with its similar share of listings all over Singapore’s best neighborhoods. However, interior design wise, Cove Co-Living has more of that minimalist, grown-up vibe compared to Hmlet’s more artsy and eclectic vibe. We love how they have flexible lease terms, because we know at a fast-pacing age like this, commitment and restrictive contracts are a no-go. Their check in processes are also super-speedy, so you can even check in as early as within 24 hours. You’re sure to be looked after! Their rooms start from SGD1500/month for standard rooms.

Cove Co-Living


This co-living space has similar aesthetics to Hmlet, however, they’ve only had 7 properties around the island and are much smaller in scale, so your options are limited compared to the two. However, they also have just the same type of community events for you to socialize and create new connections. Their rooms start from SGD1600/month for standard rooms.



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