Rejoice, gamers! The most powerful duo in the gaming industry is here. The leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer, announced today that they will be collaborating with Gravity Co., Ltd., a global online gaming company renowned for its wide range of games based on Ragnarok IP. 

The collaboration focuses on Razer Gold and Razer Silver, Razer’s unified virtual credits service for gamers, and its integration into Gravity’s game titles. Razer Gold aims to simplify payment processes for gamers by overcoming issues with payment processes, such as the lack of credit card or unsecured payment systems. In addition to that goodness, gamers who make their purchases via Razer Gold will receive loyalty points in the form of Razer Silver, which can be exchanged for attractive offers. Gamers situated in Southeast Asia can now make their purchase for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (mobile) through Razer Gold.

Razer x Ragnarok

Following their tremendous success in Southeast Asia, Gravity and Razer Gold’s integration will soon to expand globally. The aim of the collaboration is to enhance the gamers’ experience on Gravity’s latest titles, including; Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles (PC) and Ragnarok Origin, Ragnarok X New Generation, Ragnarok Tactics, and The Lost Memories: Valkyrie Songs on mobile.

Ragnarok Online is available in more than 80 regions with over 70 million registered users, and has achieved 30 million downloads globally since it was launched last year. 


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