Living in the city can be exciting but also a tragedy for your skin. Here in Singapore, you probably spend most of your days walking around to places in the outdoors. The sky is blue, the sun is shining… but wait! The cars, the buses, all the pollution! You come on home and you notice your skin looking less glow-y. For a second you panic and you rush to your nearest Sephora, finding every product that can possibly fix your skin, willing to spend as much as it takes. But did you know that the remedy to your skin dilemma lies right in your affordable neighborhood grocery store?

That’s right, you’ve heard of the benefits of tea for your overall health, but did you know the amount of benefits it has for your skin? Tea, having so many antioxidants, helps keep your skin hydrated, reverses UV and pollution damages, reduces inflammation, and so much more. It’s like drinking a magic potion. Here’s some of our favorites for that are sure to glow-ify your skin.

Green Tea

Studies have shown that the catechins (antioxidants) in this popular tea helps with reversing the damages from the sun and pollution. This in turn, will help reduce your chances of skin cancer, and early aging. We recommend having a cup of this every morning to start your day with some protection. 


Think soothing, calming, de-stressing, teas. All of those benefits, but instead of for your overall well-being, it’s for your skin. Chamomile tea helps to soothe irritated, inflamed skin including those pesky acne break-outs. Here’s a tip—if you didn’t get enough sleep last night, pop them on your eyebags for some instant dark-circle reliever. 


What can’t this tea do? Being used in South Africa for thousands of years, it treats a variety of skin condition. The flavonoids in Rooibos helps fight unwanted pathogens to keep eczema and acne at bay. It also has superoxide dismutase to fight anti-aging. Say goodbye to those fine lines. 

Ginger Tea

This one’s powerful with anti-inflammatory properties. You’ve probably heard of the term you are what you eat—which means that whatever you put inside your stomach is going to show up on your skin. In case you’ve been a little cheeky with your diet, drink up a Ginger tea to soothe the digestion and therefore soothing your skin. 


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