Mooncake are always best to eat with friends and family members, enjoying the mooncakes with some hot tea and a hearty conversation can be really good! Mooncake are high in calories but its definitely worth enjoying if its an amazing one, hence i will be recommending the top 4 mooncakes which i really think its good and meet my standard aside from all the mooncakes that i have eaten. Its a little late but i feel its good to taste all the mooncake before i share it with you guys!

1. Bakerzin

Bean There Collection 相思情味

The New Bean There Collection showcases a new classic red bean collection with Bakerzin’s secret recipe and fragrant peanut oil.This is a flavour that your parents will love. Great for gifting, the Bean There Collection, as well as Bakerzin’s other baked-skin collections will now come in boxes of two.

  • Traditional Red Bean Mooncake: Baked skin mooncake infused with fragrant red bean paste
  • Traditional Red Bean Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake: Smooth red bean paste with Bakerzin’s signature egg yolk blend.

They have also introduce its brand-new limited-edition Bobba Love Collection. The latest mooncake collection features four stunning boba-inspired flavours, with delightful bits of chewy white boba.

Bobba Love Collection
  • Pearl Latte Snowskin Mooncake:  Bite through the delicate snowskin and indulge in the smooth, aromatic latte flavour along with chewy white boba bits.
  • Pearl Yuan Yang Snowskin Mooncake: Made with Bakerzin’s in-house blend of Arabica beans, relish in the rich coffee aroma and tea fragrance along with chewy white boba bits.
  • Kanten Passion Fruit Mango Grains Snowskin Mooncake: Enjoy the refreshing zest of all-natural passionfruit paste, sweet mango and kanten jelly.
  • Kanten Matcha Red Bean Pomelo Snowskin Mooncake: Infused with Japanese matcha powder, shredded pomelo and soft red beans with kanten jelly.

Health-conscious foodies and mooncakes lovers will be delighted to find that all Bakerzin mooncakes are handcrafted with premium less-sugar lotus paste, offering a healthier mooncake option for all our customers.

2. Goodwood Park Hotel

If you know me well, i personally dont really feature hotels mooncake as i feel some is too commercial and they focus more on the packaging. However, Goodwood park hotel mooncake their Durian mooncake meets the standard to be listed here. Its not sponsored as well as pay for my own mooncake but still feel its good if i share to you guys.

The Premium Duo: ‘Mao Shan Wang’ mooncake is so good that it just make me crave for more. The thickness of the durian filling is so flavourful and the snow skin is not to thick that it complement very well with the durain filling. Making it worth buying

3. Peony Jade

I am really in love with peony jade Premium Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian and I feel that its on par with goodwood park hotel. Box of 4 at S$76 nett

Peony Jade’s 4 Heavenly Snowskin Combo

Premium Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian, Pink Guava Cream Cheese & Sour Plum-Jelly Centre, Yuzu with Green Apple-Jelly Centre, Mango Sago & Pomelo

Since the brand launched the 4 Heavenly Snowskin Flavours in 2008, it has been one of its top sellers with its loyal celebrity clients like the style guru to China’s top movie stars – Mr David Gan, Singapore MediaCorp actor – Mr Elvin Ng, Hong Kong actress – Ms Pancy Chan, and dignitaries in the likes of Mrs Tony Tan.

Also they have release its Premium “AAA” Grade 100% Pure Premium Pahang Black Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake in Organic Pandan Snowskin (upgraded for the creamier taste), S$59 nett (2pcs) and S$93 nett (4pcs).

4. Putien’s

I am a fan of Yam Mooncake as i love my mooncake skin to be flaky and crispy. And Putien mooncake hits the spot.

Yam With Single Yolk

The mooncake crust is made from a mixture of two dough types – one rolled with corn oil and the other with a vegetable shortening. The mixed dough is flattened and layered in an alternate fashion before being wrapped with the filling. The final process of deep-frying achieves the desired crust finish.

Both the Yam and Purple Sweet Potato flavours are smooth in texture with the right amount of natural sweetness, wrapped in layers of flaky crust. But i am a yam person hence i will prefer the yam flavours. There is the option of an additional salted egg yolk for a savoury balance. Low in sugar and with no preservations or additives, the mooncakes are best eaten within three days from purchase.

  1. Yam: S$48 (Box of 4)
  2. Purple Sweet Potato: S$52 (Box of 4)
  3. Yam w/ Single Yolk: S$54 (Box of 4)
  4. Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk: S$58 (Box of 4)
  5. Assorted Mix: S$53 (Box of 4 – One of each flavour)
  6. Yam: S$12 (Per piece) Purple Sweet Potato: S$13 (Per piece)
  7. Yam w/ Single Yolk: S$13.50 (Per piece)
  8. Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk: S$14.50 (Per piece)


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