Before I even consider doing fillers, I have many things that I am concerned. Such as the doctors, treatment and also the pain level. However, after hearing many good review of Halley medical aesthetics, I decided to give it a shot.

I share with Dr Mark on my concern:

  • Would like a higher nose bridge
  • Loss of facial volume resulting in sunken undereye area
  • Deep laugh lines resulting in an older appearance

Treatment prescribed by Dr Mark : Fillers for nose, undereye area, and nasolabial folds

After checking with Dr Mark on the understanding of fillers, he explained.

Dermal fillers are medical products that sculpt the face for more definition or help to restore skin and facial contours to their former youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are made of various kinds of materials that have been developed for injection into the skin. Dermal fillers can be grouped into two types:

  1. hyaluronic acid fillers
  2. non-hyaluronic acid or collagen-stimulating fillers

The one that I will be using will be Juvederm fillers, dermal fillers like the Juvederm range of fillers that were prescribed contains hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid diminishes as we age, causing our skin to lose its moisture and elasticity, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The Juvederm fillers also contain lidocaine, an anaesthesia which minimises discomfort during treatment.

He started by marking out the areas for treatment.

Dr Mark inject the filler using a “Magic Needle” or micro-cannula (it’s a flexible thin tube) rather than a typical needle to ensure a more even distribution of the filler. The blunt tip of the micro-cannula helps to minimise discomfort to the lowest because it slides under the skin easily. This method also minimises bruising. The treatment took around 10mins to collect. It’s a little uncomfortable but generally its way better than what I have thought.

Follow by, will be the under eyes which they use filler to make it look fuller and minimise my laugh line.

When reviewing my face after the treatment I am shock by the results. I am happy with my result as I feel like my skin looks more youthful than ever.

For anyone that are interested in this service I have listed the price below for your consideration.

Total treatment cost:

  1. Juvederm Volux (1 syringe) = $890
  2. Juvederm Voluma (2 syringes) = $850 x 2 = $1,700
    Total: $2,590 (price includes GST)

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