Ever wondered what it’s like to go on a whimsical journey across Asia? MO BAR’s new beverage menu will take you there, just with the sip of a drink. The MO BAR team spent the last year partnering with local experts to explore the markets and discover herbs, spices, and ingredients unique to each individual Asian country. The result? A beautifully innovative variety of cocktails celebrating each local culture and flavors.  The 16 drinks, including four non-alcoholic options cater to every type of guest. 

Mo Bar

As a tribute to their first destination Shangai, they created the Silk Market drink—a temperance cocktail with Mandarin cordial, fermented honey and corn ($12). 

Annyeonghaseyo! Their savoury drink Old Friend ($14), compromising of BBQ kimchi, alcohol-free soju and seaweed will take you on a trip to Seoul. 

Get a bigger kick with spirit-infused drinks, including the T and T drink ($22), a Hong-Kong inspired beverage. With tequila base—a nod to COA’s agave-centric concept—the drink is a combination of lemon verbena and fig, a wonderful mixture discovered after the team visited a farm in North Hong Kong.

Next stop, Vietnam. Featuring Agricole Rhum from South of Hanoi and combined with apple and guava, the Harvest Queen ($24) drink serves you a fruity sensation. 

Imagine yourself sipping drinks on the tropical beaches of Thailand with the Chiang Mai-inspired Expedition ($24). The drink is a celebration of the region’s coffee plantations including green coffee, grapefruit and vermouth. 

To have a taste of Asia now, visit MO BAR at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.

Mo Bar

Address: 5 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039797

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11 to 1am

Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays: 11 to 2am


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