​Icenoie Hokkaido, Hokkaido’s legendary number one selling gelato and soft serve specialist is making its mooncake debut this year through a series of six kawaii cow embossed raw milk gelato snowskin mooncakes. Fans can choose from two embossment: the cow embossment or the brand’s name embossment.

Icenoie Hokkaido, famous for rich and milky gelato and soft serve from everyday milked raw milk, is the only company in Japan that adopts ‘low temperature pasteurization’. The brand uses generous healthy ingredients from the land of Hokkaido in all its gelato and soft serve and has daily queues in its Hokkaido stores of an hour. Fans of Hokkaido raw milk can relish in rich servings of gelato to the very core, combined with the lightness of non-additive snowskin that create a creamy yet refreshing mid autumn treat. This should not be missed.

Six Flavours: Raw Milk Gelato Mooncake

Made with 100% Hokkaido raw milk: Chocolate, Double Cheese, Fresh Strawberry, Matcha, Cookies & Cream, Fresh Milk

Price : $6 per piece

Available at: Pop Up Events

Takashimaya Square, B2

10:00 – 22:00

8 August – 13 September 2019


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