Get pretty in pink with IPPUDO Singapore at the upcoming C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2019. Exclusively at this festival, the well-loved Japanese ramen brand will launch its Singapore-exclusive Momo Pink Ramen and Momo Dumplings in tribute to Momo-chan, a Vtuber that IPPUDO created earlier this year.

Momo Chan

The delicious ramen will feature a sweet shade of pink home-made noodles in a clear chicken broth sprinkled with fried garlic and onion, topped with pork belly chashu, half-boiled egg and Naruto (fish cake). 

The Momo Dumplings, equally as pink and equally as delicious is a great side dish to compliment the savory ramen. The beautiful shade of blush was made by grounding up dried Japanese peaches into fine powder and adding it into the dough during preparation. 

Pink Dumplings

Besides the two pink delicacies, they’re also serving up the infamous IPPUDO Pork Bun, a famed international best seller and Karaage, golden-brown crunchy perfection.

Pork Bun

Try them yourself at the upcoming C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2019 from the 29th November to 1st December! Find IPPUDO Singapore’s booth at F12 from 10am to 8pm daily at the festival.


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