MAI Unagi Donabe

Marusaya, an established wholesaler of Japanese katsuobushi (dried bonito), launches its latest dining concept – MAI by Dashi Master Marusaya along Bukit Pasoh Road. The restaurant has curated a delightful range of specialty dishes featuring all- natural dashi prepared from their signature katsuobushi: shabu-shabu (hot pot), toban yaki (hot plate) and donabe (claypot).

Lunches at MAI are an affordable affair. Sets start from $29++ and include a variety of sides: Umami-packed chawanmushi and miso soup with seasonal toppings, a generous serving of bonito flakes, and flavourful claypot rice cooked with dashi. Condiments for the rice include wasabi-flavoured konbu, premium ikura and Japanese pickles; the trio provide added flavour dimensions when eaten together with dashi rice. 

Diners will be spoilt for choice as they sift through the various attractive options available at lunch. Expect the texture of quality produce and the sublime flavours of MAI’s dashi to shine through, with Shabu-shabu sets such as the US Black Angus Beef ($29++) and Hokkaido Pork Loin ($29++). The sets are accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables as well as two house dips – dashi ponzu and sesame – for those who like their meats full-flavoured.

Add some sizzle with the A4 Japanese Wagyu Beef Toban Yaki Set ($49++), served with miso sauce. The savoury slices of tender beef are the perfect accompaniment to the fluffy grains of dashi rice. Looking for something lighter on the palate? Your best bet would be the Prawn, Scallop & Oyster Toban Yaki Set ($32++). Here, seafood is seasoned with shoyu, sake, mirin and yuzu juice, bringing out the natural flavours of every item. Seafood at MAI is imported twice weekly from Japanese prefectures such as Mie and Hyogo.


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