This Lunar New Year, we’re combining the arts with fine dining at The Fullerton Hotel’s Jade Restaurant, with exquisite dishes specially made by Chinese Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng. These unique dishes are an homage to Chinese tradition, while embracing the contemporary. 

“I was inspired by the entrepreneurial and hardworking character of the Zodiac Rat, to incorporate auspicious messages of good fortune, abundance and longevity into each creation. These dishes have been carefully designed to suit both family reunions and business occasions, from an individual pen cai pot brimming with faithfully rendered ingredients to the Lunar New Year requisite, a fish dish to symbolize bounty.”

Beginning the celebrations are the Special Edition Gold Rush Salmon Yu Sheng, arrayed in the striking image of a rat treasuring a gold coin to bring luck and prosperity this Lunar New Year. The refreshing dish boasts Champagne jelly accented with gold leaf, tangy sweet honey pineapple dressing, and a delicious cranberry cheese, a nod to the Zodiac Rat’s favourite snack which contributes a creamy, fruity complement to the fresh ingedients. 

Price: Special Edition at $388++, Regular Small at +78 (2-5pax), Regular Medium at $118++ (6-8pax) and Regular Large at $138++ (9-11pax)

Mini Pot of Abundance

Bring some abundance to your year with the Mini Pot of Abundance ($58++ per pax). The creation distills the pen cai experience into a generous serving for one diner. The traditionally styled pot contains braised abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, stewed pork trotter, yam and specially homemade deep-friend pork balls. 

Hot Stone Silver Needle Noodles

A deluxe update on the ‘rat’s tail’ noodles is the Hot Stone Silver Needle Noodles with Truffle Meat Sauce ($38++ per pax). Chef Leong’s version combines both fresh truffle and truffle oil together with flavourful pork braise that doesn’t overwhelm the delicacy of the lavours. When your finishing your dish, keep an eye out for the sight of the ‘rat’s tail’! 

Full of Luck Deep-Fried Chilean Seabass

Seafood is a must at the New Year, and this Full of Luck Deep-Fried Chilean Seabass not only satisfies the tummy but also your Instagram story—just look how adorable it is! As we previously stated, Chef Leong takes pride in how artistic his dishes are, which is why he handcrafted this Seabass to look like the Zodiac Rat. The dish, priced at $280++ for 8-10 pax is made with cherry tomatoes in peach sauce. 

Last but not least, it’s a prosperous New Year for seafood lovers, as not only are you spoiled with one delicious seafood dish, but two! Their Wok-Fried Boston Lobster with Leek and Preserved Meat ($88++ per pax) is a proudly Cantonese creation incorporating the luxe flavours of waxed meat into the sauce. 

For more information and dining reservations, please contact +65 6877 8911/8912 or email


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