Intelligent and driven with passion, the metal rat Lunar calender zodiac animal scurries in with an early arrival on 25th January 2020—but at PUTIEN, celebrations come even earlier, from the 1st of January. From the earliest day of 2020, you can enjoy dine-in set menus and take-away options for its Prosperity Yu Sheng and Pot of Goodies.


As the Lunar New Year is a time of generosity and giving, PUTIEN will be extending a 10% off discount bundle of its Prosperity Yu Sheng and Pot of Goodies, and its handmade Mee Sua gift box with every purchase of the Pot of Goodies. If you’re busy and can’t make it to the restaurant, you can purchase your takeaways through food delivery companies Deliveroo and Foodpanda. 

If you do decide to dine-in, try your luck—because after all, it’s the season of luck and fortune—and try out their Spin The Wheel game to win PUTIEN exclusives such as the handmade Mee Sua, famous Heng Hwa Bee Hoon and premium First Harvest Seaweed Gift Boxes, as well as the all-time favourite Spice Mum Chilli Sauce.

Be on the lookout from 17th to 29th January 2020! PUTIEN’s beloved Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) will be making special appearances to spread some good fortune and cheer.

Lunar New Year Menu (1st Jan to 9th Feb 2020)

Prosperity Yu Sheng with Raw Salmon Slices or Abalone

Prosperity Yu Sheng with Raw Salmon Slices or Abalone

Served with an array of quality ingredients and tossed together with premium seafood and specially concocted Yu Sheng sauce, PUTIEN’s Prosperity Yu Sheng represents all the blessings for the New Year ahead.

Prosperity Yu Sheng (Raw Salmon Slices)

$21.80++ (XS), $29.80++ (S), $39.80++ (M), $49.80++ (L)

Prosperity Yu Sheng (Abalone)

$26.80++ (XS), $39.80++ (S), $49.80++ (M), $59.80++ (L)

PUTIEN’s Pot of Goodies

PUTIEN’s Pot of Goodies

As a symbol for cohesion, unity and prosperity, PUTIEN’s Pot of Goodies is any essential for the celebrations. These abalone Pot of Goodies are made with only the best ingredients such as sea cucumber, dried clams, and more. 

Prices: $118++ (2pax), $228++ (4pax), $328++ (6 pax), $428++ (8pax), $498++ (10pax).

Takeaway Specials

Enjoy a 10% discount off when you bring home PUTIEN’s Pot of Goodies and Yu Sheng.

Pot of Goodies (Abalone) with Prosperity Yu Sheng (Raw Salmon Slice)

6 pax / $325++ and 10 pax / $484 ++

Pot of Goodies (Abalone) with Prosperity Yu Sheng (Abalone)

6 pax / $331 and 10 pax / $502++

In addition, you will be receiving a box of Handmade Mee Sua with a purchase of a takeaway Pot of Goodies!

Dine In Set Menus

Enjoy the convenience of dining in at all 13 PUTIEN outlets island-wide, with two set menu options: Propitious Set Meal and Prosperity Set Meal for groups of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. 

Propitious Set Meal:

2 pax – $118

4 pax – $228

6 pax – $368

8 pax – $498

10 pax – $588

Prosperity Set Meal:

2 pax – $188

4 pax – $388

6 pax – $588

8 pax – $768

10 pax – $888


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