Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and it’s smelling delicious here at Proofer Boulangerie! In honor of the prosperous celebration, the modern bakery is introducing their timely Prosperity Pizzas and Prosperity Buns—the perfect snack for this time of gathering with loved ones. Proofer’s innovative pizza and buns have always been a crowd pleaser, and this CNY pizzas and buns are no different. 

Let’s Bakkwa Pizza (Zhao Cai Jin Bao)

Celebrate the new year with interesting flavors only from Proofer’s Bakkwa Pizza! The unique dish features slices of roasted smoky chicken bakkwa (Chinese jerky), chicken ham, shredded chicken, diced capsicum, with an added pineapple for that extra prosperity and of course, goeey cheese! Bakkwa is undoubtedly one of the most popular CNY festive snacks, and now you can enjoy it on a pizza. 

Bring Yu Prosperity Pizza (Cai Yuan Gun Gun)

Bring some prosperity into your life from good food! Devour scrumptious tomato based pizza topped with chunks of tuna, decorated with slices kanifumi (crab stick), diced capsicum, onion and cheese mixed up together. 

Prosperity Pizzas

These 11-inch pizzas are each prized at $14.90. (Available til 31st January 2020)

Wealth (Jin Yu Man Tang)

This first bun is perfect for a hearty breakfast or a tea time snack. The bun is filled with toppings consisiting of hard boiled eggs, ham, corn, and sliced cheese mixed with mayonnaise, corn and celery.

Longevity (Wu Fu Lin Men)

Satisfactory is guaranteed for those who love nuts! The bun is filled with generous peppering of walnuts, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and raisins, resulting in a sweet and crunchy bite.

Good Fortune (Da Ji Da Li)

Filled with crunchy chicken and hard boiled eggs, specked with bread crumbs resulting in a savoury bun that is best partnered with coffee for little breaks or on the go.

Abundance (Nian Nian You Yu)

Filled with an abundant of tuna toppings, mayonnaise and speckled with white and black sesame is a warm welcome to savoury bun lovers due to its mild and light flavours.

Prosperity Buns

Each bun retails at S$2 or you can purchase all 4 buns at S$6. (Available til 31st January 2020)


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