Haze is back and you guys should have felt it by now such as throat dryness and low in immune system. However there are some remedies to reduce your discomfort.

Gingen Ginger Tea

Gingen Ginger Drink is made with “Khing Kae” (old ginger), which are ginger over 12 months old. They are specially cultivated in the valleys of northern Thailand, which is known for its excellent soil and climate. Farmers use the best cultivation technique such as crop rotation to grow the best-quality gingers.

Nature Green Lemongrass Drinks

Enter the Nature Green Lemongrass Drink, which delights with its citrusy profile. Free from caffeine and preservatives, it is made from 100% natural premium Thai lemongrass — it takes 40kg of fresh lemongrass to yield
1kg of granules! Fragrant and invigorating, lemongrass offers many health benefits such as relief from stomach disorders, aches, fever and more. The Nature Green Lemongrass Drink is available in three options: no sugar; less
sweet; and natural honey.

Gingen Ginger Tea are available major supermarkets, selected POPULAR bookstores, Redmart.com & NinjaSnacks @ Shopee at S$5.80 per box (10 sachets per box) and S$9.90 per bag (20 sachets per bag).

Nature Green Instant Lemongrass Beverage are available at selected Sheng Siong, Prime supermarket, POPULAR bookstores, Redmart.com & NinjaSnacks @ Shopee at S$5.90 (10 sachets per box).


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