Natural, organic, and paraben-free are the hottest new trends. But organic products are not just the new wave—it’s a lifestyle. Be it with the food you consume, the products you put on your face or body, organic products benefit not only the environment but also your skin. Your usual cosmetic products are packed with all kinds of harsh chemicals, whilst these organic products are filled with gentle and natural ingredients to ensure your skin stays happy and well-loved. With that in mind, before you hop on the online shopping frenzy in search for organic skincare from all parts of the world, try some of our favorite local all-natural skincare brands. Trust us, your skin will thank you. 

Sigi Skin

Sigi skin is all about embracing what your skin really needs and making your skincare routine simple and stress free. They understand that in this day and age, the internet can really be overwhelming with all sorts of skincare trends. Which is why Sigi Skin believes in personalized skincare filled with essentials, in the form of simple and effective products.   

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Pera Skincare

Inspired by the Peranakan skincare, Pera Skincare combines cutting-edge science with traditional beauty recipes and secrets from the Straits people to create a mixture of modern and traditional products that’ll suit your skin. 

The Balm Kitchen

The Balm Kitchen was originally designed with one mother’s quest in mind—to remedy her child’s eczema. This soon turned into a whole cosmetic line of all-natural products catering to those with sensitive skin living in our tropical climate.  

Frank Skincare

For every skin problem you’ve got, Frank Skincare’s got the face oil just for it. Whether it’s acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, you can count on their specially-renowned face oils to solve your problems. 


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