Let us introduce you today to the culinary excellence of healthy noodles, Tseng Noodles by Tseng Kuo-Cheng. You may not be familiar with the culinary genius, but in Taiwan, Tseng Kuo-Cheng is a household name. When he gives a dish his approval, few would dare disagree. 

As a veteran host of a variety of cooking shows, he has tried foods from every corner of the world. Through his gastronomic journey of over 30 years and with his personal love of the humble noodle, he has learned to create the perfect bowl of noodles. 

Tseng Kuo-Cheng has poured his heart and soul into Tseng Noodles. He had learned the principles of the Perfect Noodle; handmade and sun-dried noodles coated with several varities of Sichuan peppers fried at low temperature to bring out their fullest flavor. The result is spicy, fragrant, rich and unforgettable flavor that lingers in the mouth. 

Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor

Scallion With Sichuan Pepper

Enveloped in the fragrance of onions, these thick noodles have both flavor and bite. The combination of red onion oil and Sichuan chili pepper created a sauce that was named No. 1 in Taiwan’s 2016 noodle awards.

Spicy Sichuan Pepper Flavor

Sesame oil and chili pepper creating the combination you never thought would be to-die-for. 

Hu Sesame Flavor

Hu Sesame

Fresh sesame seeds finely ground into an exquisite sauce, mixed together with al-dente noodles. 

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