Singapore’s been getting chilly lately, which kind of stands in your way of getting a nice cold cup of bubble tea. Fear not, we bring you Emma’s Kuromitsu Bubble Tea series! This bubble tea’s perfect for the cooler days of December because it’s served hot—yes, you read that right, hot bubble tea! The drinks, including the Japanese Hojicha, Sencha and Kurogoma (black sesame) Latte with Okinawa Brown Sugar Tapioca features carefully curated ingredients that are imported directly from Japan. It’s infused with the creamiest Hokkaido milk and natural Okinawa cane sugar for a fragrant and robust brew, and Okinawa brown sugar tapioca pearls to satisfy your bubble tea cravings.

Kuromitsu Hot Bubble Tea

Each cup of the Kuromitsu Kurogoma Latte boasts over 6,000 pieces of sesame seeds no less, creating a nutty and fragrant drink that is jam-packed with fibre and vitamin B, so you can have a nutritious indulgence.

Kurogoma Latte

Relish in the sweet and roasted notes of the Kuromitsu Hojicha Latte, while the light and refreshing Kuromitsu Sencha Latte makes a perfect after-meal pick-me-up. All of these sweet drinks are priced at S$4.50 and an additional dollar is needed for the Okinawa Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls. 

Kuromitsu Hojicha Latte & Sencha Latte

Ready to try? Enjoy their 1-for-1 Promotion!!!

Emma will be offering a 1-for-1 promotion on the Kuromitsu Kurogoma Latte:

  • 14-15 December 2019 @ Plaza Singapura #B2-45
  • 21-22 December 2019 @ 100AM #02-10


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