This month, we’re excited to announce the coming of a new yummy neighbor from Malaysia. Meet GO Noodle, Malaysia’s popular Ban Mian chain (and dare we say, our favourite noodle chain). After it’s thriving success in Malaysia, the chain expanded to the down-under city of Melbourne, Australia and now to our lovely Singapore. Our mouths are already watering just writing about these delicious noodles!

GO Noodle House

Go Noodle sells a whopping 18,000 delicious bowls daily, and you can now try it for yourself at their first Singapore outlet in 313 Somerset on the 29th of November 2019—Instead of having to drive all the way to Malaysia! Trust us, do yourself a favour and try these impeccably delectable noodles. The flavours are unlike any other we’ve ever tried.

Cooking Process

The three founders of GO Noodle, Lee Hon Wai, Alvin Tan Tok Meng and Mok Wai Peun, firmly believe in the concept of peng, leng, cheng (affordable, has quality and is tasty). But what makes GO Noodle so special amongst other noodle restaurants? The secret lies in the savory broth, a family recipe said to have been passed down through generations. Yellow rice wine (Shao Xing Hua Diao Jiu) is the main ingredient in the broth, creating the impeccably unique taste. But it’s not just that—it’s a combination of forty different kinds of fish bone sourced regionally from the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s not a wonder these dishes are a hit-seller.

Shao Xing Hua Diao Jiu

Just as the Malaysian outlet, the Singaporean outlets will boast a mixture of all the fan-favourite dishes plus some specially-made local dishes. 

Lobster Noodle

Look forward to tasting the O.G, such as the best-selling Signature Bursting Pork Meatball and Mi Xian Noodles in Premium Superiour Soup (which by the way, if you’re not convinced, they have sold one million bowls of) at the affordable price of S$10.90

Signature Bursting Pork Meatball and Mi Xian Noodles in Premium Superiour Soup

We want you to have the full experience, so we’d suggest you get the snacks as well. We recommend the Youtiao (S$4.90), Five Spice Meat Roll (S$4.90), Gold Coin (S$6.90) and Fried Golden Pillow (S$5.90).

Side Snacks

And of course, you need to try the menu specially curated for Singapore! We’ve got Fresh Sliced Tenggiri Noodles (S$12.90), Premium Ribeye Australian Beef Slices Noodles (S$13.90), and Frog Noodles. Made for the Singaporean tongue. 

Singapore Menu

Lastly.. enjoy yourself a cup of soothing tea to complete your meal. They’ve got choices of Jasmine Tea, Rose Tea (S$1.50 each) and more.

Address: 313 Orchard Rd, #B3-37/38 313@SOMERSET, Singapore 238895

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Tel: +65 6363 5323


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